The Only Patented Hunter's Safety Belts - Lifetime Unconditional Warranty

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My wife cuts all the webbing and I sew every stitch on the belt in our home!! These are not made in China or Japan. Our belt has been on the market for over 27 years. We have never had a belt failure or an injured hunter!! We have a Perfect Safety Record!!

All of our belts come with a lifetime warrantee. If anything makes the belt unserviceable, we replace them free of charge, no matter what! If you smash a buckle in a car door, or you have a puppy chew it up, even if you leave it in your tree stand all season and the squirrels chew it up, we still replace it free of charge!

Silent Slide Squirrel MascotEach belt has our label sewn into them. It also includes our company name, product name, patent number, phone number, and address so you can always reach us.

Our standard belt sells for $35.00 + shipping.
Our adjustable belt sells for $40.00 + shipping.

To order please call: (715) 877-3200
Mailing Address: S-4315 County Rd D, Fall Creek, WI 54742

We accept check or money orders only.

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